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Meet Tom Stahl

Tom Stahl, with a sampling of his paintingsThomas Stahl has a love for history which is expressed in many of his paintings in great detail. Months of research are completed to insure the accuracy of each painting before it is begun. It is this attention to small detail that makes his paintings so popular.

Mr. Stahl was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Ohio as a small child. His love for art began at an early age, as he would sit in the backyard and sketch the world around him. After graduating High School, he continued his education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, receiving an associate degree. He then transferred to LaRoche College, also in Pittsburgh, where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commercial Art. In 1977, Mr. Stahl began his professional career by starting a series of rapidograph pen and ink drawings of local scenes and buildings. Many of the drawings were of buildings that no longer exist, yet were well known to many citizens. The popularity of these prints continues to grow as he expands his collection.

In 1983, Mr. Stahl began marketing limited edition color lithographs produced from his oil paintings. There are riverboats, scenes from the Cape Hatteras area, lighthouses, Indian scenes and scenes of historical interest. His works continue to expand as his love for art grows. He has completed many paintings on commission that hang in various homes and businesses throughout the United States.